Monday, January 31, 2011


Keep your dry winter skin moisturized with some Vaseline lotion. And when someone touches your arm and says "Wow, that's soft and smooth," you can have moi to thank :)

Sunday, January 30, 2011


I really like Origins products (I'm still using the FullSized 'Checks and Balances' Facewash I got for free as last year's Earth Day promotion).

Just go to their facebook page, Like them, and order your sample of their new Plantscription Anti-Wrinkle cream  :)

Friday, January 28, 2011


You don't contact lenses to SEE that this is a sweet deal. (Was that too lame?) Anyways, you can get a good rebate on various Acuvue contacts on purchases made between 1/01/2011 and 6/30/2011.
Valid on 1•DAY ACUVUE® MOIST, 1•DAY ACUVUE® TruEye™, and ACUVUE® OASYS brands.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I love Dove products and you can be good to your hair with this sample. Time to try to salvage what's left of our strands from this harsh cold season.

Free SCOTCH FUR FIGHTER Pet Hair Remover - Rebate

So if your little loved one sheds far too much and you want a solution, try the new Scotch Brite product. And if you truly don't like it, send it back and get your money back too.

From their website:

"If you purchase a Scotch™ Fur Fighter™ Hair Remover for Upholstery or a Scotch™ Fur Fighter™ Hair Remover for Car Interiors product and you don’t love it, we will refund you for the purchase price (up to maximum offer of $9.99)."

*It seems you have to send them your receipt and the product tool if you are returning it.

Monday, January 24, 2011


Share some Quaker Oatmeal Square samples with up to 10 of your best friends! This is the best way to let your friends feel special and let them know you care. LOL. I know I'd love if all of my friends to send these my way.

Free PEDIASURE - Rebate

Buy one 6-pack of PediaSure or one 4-pack of PediaSure SideKicks. Receive a rebate check of up to $13.99, and you must make a minimum purchase of $6.47 to qualify. Have to purchase Pediasure by March 6th and mail in your UPC, receipt, and form by April 3rd.

Expires: 3/06/2011


Sign up for their newsletter and they'll send you a cute little Beech Nut Stage 4 Kit. If you know someone who has a toddler, then this is a neat gift.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Free BREATHE RIGHT Nasal Strip Sample

The time to stop snoring is NOW. Get a Breathe Right sample and see if it helps you out.

Free LACTAID Fast Act Sample

I already received my sample, you get 4 individually wrapped lactaid tablets + a coupon.
Lactaid is a dietary supplement that helps prevent symptoms by breaking down milk sugar (lactose) and making dairy good easier to digest. It's not a drug, but supplement containing natural lactase enzyme.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Keep your stove and surfaces clean and shiny, with Scotch-Brite products. And if, for any reason, you are not satisfied with their tools, ask for a refund!
Purchase Scotch-Brite Stainless Steel Cleaner or Scotch-Brite Cook Top Cleaner Starter Kit and receive up to a $7.99 rebate check. Product normally costs $6-$7 so you will get a full rebate.

Free FELINE PINE Cat Litter - (2nd) Rebate

This is a different rebate from the other similar Feline Pine Litter rebate.
This one is for Feline Pine Original, redeemable on the purchase of a 7lb to 10.2 lb bag.

Expires: 6/30/2011

Free FELINE PINE Cat Litter - Rebate

Here's a rebate on Feline Pine Scoop Litter, redeemable on the purchase of 3.8 lb to 4.1 lb box. Don't let your kitty stink up your bathroom!

Expires: 6/30/2011

Free PURINA DOG and PUPPY CHOW Dog Food - Rebate

Either your puppy loves Purina Puppy Chow or you (the owner) get your money back.

Valid only on 22 lb. or smaller bags of Purina® Dog Chow® brand Dog Food and 19.6 lb. or smaller bags of Purina® Puppy Chow® brand Puppy Food Complete & Balanced for Growing Puppies.

From their website:
"Cut out and send the "BEST IF USED BY" date box and the weight circle from the bag, your original purchase receipt with price circled, a brief explanation of why you were dissatisfied with the product, and your name and street address. You will be refunded the purchase price excluding sales tax. Please allow 8-10 weeks for shipment of your refund check. LIMIT ONE (1) REQUEST PER INDIVIDUAL, HOUSEHOLD OR ADDRESS.  Offer good only in USA."

Expires: 12/31/2011

Free YOU T Sample

For the ladies out there who want to keep their urinary tracts healthy, try a You T sample.

Friday, January 21, 2011


I'm not sure if it's a full rebate or it will just cover most of the purchase, but try it out cat lovers!

Choose either a 7lb or 8lb bag and receive up to $12.99 back!

Here's the rebate form:
Expires: 3/28/2011

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Free IHOP meals

Sign up for their email club and you will get 3 free meals from IHOP - 1 when you sign up, 1 on your birthday, and 1 on your 1year anniversary with them.

Free SYNERGY Intimacy Gel Sample

Never heard of this brand, but maybe it's better than other brands, who knows? I just know I never turn down a free sample!

Free $5 Video on Demand Credits from AMAZON.COM is doing a promotion for their Video on Demand service, which is only valid for people who haven't used their VOD service already. You will get $5 credited to your account and can use your $5 credit to watch a movie or TV show on your computer.  
Expires: 3/31/2011

Free MARIO BADESCU Beauty Samples

Fill out the form and in a few week you'll receive a handful of different skin products to try, I know because I did it so I can vouch that it works and you'll get a few different items.
*Someone just told me this is supposed to be a high-end brand, so go check it out.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Free MAGGI Chicken Soup Sample

Sample some Maggi Chicken Flavored Pasta Soup, it may be good, but if not then at least it was free.


I really like renting movies for only $1 at Blockbuster Express Rental kiosks, found at a lot of Gristede's and Duane Reades. But I love renting movies for FREE when I find some discount codes.

Blockbuster Kiosk Locations:

Here are the codes I have:
14CHD2X  -  Expires 1/20/2011
21CHD3X  -  Expires 1/28/2011
28CHD4X  - Expires 2/03/2011
MRC37H   -  Expires 2/25/2011

*When I get new codes, I'll be sure to Update!

Free PLAYTIME Intimacy Gel Sample

If you want to try it, feel free to sign up. It's made by Durex.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


If you don't like the way Brawny cleans up your spills, ask them for a refund.
Limited to the purchase of a single Brawny towel roll.


Get $3.50 back in check form after purchasing 1 Febreze Scented Oil Warmer, or 1 Scented Oil Warmer 2-pack, or 1 Scented Oil Warmer with decorative cover. (Normally costs about $5-6, so you'll get back half the money you spent).

Expires: 6/30/2012 (that's right it expires in 2012, but no need to wait that long).

Free GAS-X Sample

Try Gas-X for free, it couldn't hurt right?

Free ERIK PRAUTSCH Shampoo/Conditioner Sample

I've never even heard of this brand, so I'm definitely trying it out.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Free FLEXITOL Foot Cream Sample

Heel those chapped winter feet with some soothing balm.

Free O.B. Trial Pack Sample

I got a cute little blue plastic container with a couple of O.B. tampons in it. Just because you have to carry feminine products with you doesn't mean you can't have a pretty carrying case for them.

Friday, January 14, 2011


Get 1 free cup of Yoplait for free, just enter your address and you'll be mailed a coupon.

Expires: When coupons run out or by May 31, 2011


I got 5 different flavored sample packets in the mail. Just click on the "Try It On Us"  icon and sign up.

Free JUST FOR MEN Hair Color - Rebate

If you know a man who seriously needs to cover up his salt and pepper, get him a box of Just For Men Touch of Gray, and you'll be refunded $9.50! I'd get it for my boyfriend.. if he had any hair left that is.
Just mail in the rebate form, receipt and UPC code from the box.

Expires 12/31/11

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Free ACTIVIA Yogurt

I took the 'Activia Challenge' and I still prefer my greek yogurt to this stuff. So try it out too, and if you don't love it (as Jamie Lee Curtis promises) then get your money back! Get up to $12.00 refunded.

Expires: 4/15/11

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Free Tampons and Pads Samples

This post is obviously for the ladies out there.

And here's a sample pack of Always pads and Tampax tampons.

Free NATURE'S SELECT Dog Food Sample


Don't let your clothes bleed for your sins, try the color catcher!

Free CLOROX 2 Detergent

You get will $7.00 Back!

From the rebate form:
"If you are not satisfied with your Clorox 2® Stain Fighter & Color Booster purchase, Clorox will refund your money up to $7.00. Complete this form and send it to the P.O. Box address below, along with your original receipt."

Expires 6/30/2011


You get total refund on your Liquid-Plumr. Now there's no reason for your pipes to be clogged :)

Rebate form states:

"If you are not satisfied with your Liquid-Plumr® purchase, we will refund your money up to $9.00 for Liquid-Plumr® Gel 80 ounce, or up to $5.00 for Liquid-Plumr® Gel 32 ounce and Liquid-Plumr® Foaming Pipe Snake®."

Expires: 6/30/2011


Money-Back Guarantee on this one.

Rebate form states:
"If you are not completely satisfied with Drano® Max Gel, we will refund your money up to $6.00 for Drano® Max Gel 32 oz., up to $8.75 for Drano® Max Gel 64 oz. or up to $8.75 for Drano® Max Gel 80 oz"

Expires: 7/30/2011

Free Product from SWIFFER

It's a full Money-Back Guarantee.

The website says: 
"If you are not completely satisfied with our Swiffer WetJet Starter Kit, Swiffer Sweeper Starter Kit, Swiffer SweeperVacStarter Kit, Swiffer Dusters Starter Kit, Swiffer Dusters with Extendable Handle Starter Kit, Swiffer 360° Dusters Starter Kit, or Swiffer Sweeper X-Large Starter Kit for any reason, we’ll give you your money back.* "

HOWEVER, Money Back Guarantee not valid on any Swiffer WetJet refills, Swiffer Sweeper refills, Swiffer SweeperVac refills, Swiffer Dusters refills, and Swiffer Dust & Shine products.

Expires 6/30/2011


Get back $3.99 for this sauce after mail-in rebate. 1 per household.
Expires 9/30/2011

Free PHOTO PRINTS (just cover S&H)

Sign up at and you will get 40 pics printed for free! All you pay is a S&H charge. Use the code: YMW4CP at checkout. (It's a great deal considering it costs 10 or 15cents per print at a kiosk in any Duane Reade or RiteAid.)

Totally Free PHOTOBOOK

I use this site. You upload your pics after making an account.
You don't pay anything for the book and NO S&H fees. It looks like an 8x10 magazine booklet with your photos filling the pages. All you deal with is ripping out the advertisings in the middle of the booklet (which is very easy to do).
*Sidenote, I gave 1 to my boyfriend as a present and he didn't complain, so it works as gifts too.

You can receive 1 Free Photobook a month, so get 1 every month if you feel like it!


Free cereal to those who need an extra bit of fiber in their diet.
Expires 11/30/11

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Free KEEBLER WHEATABLE Crackers - Rebate

You'll get a check back for $3.89 after you mail in the rebate form and UPC code.

*Good for Wheatables Original Golden Wheat or Toasted Honey Wheat only. Expires 3/30/11

Free Full-Size PANTENE PRO-V + Money back Rebate!

I did this already and it was AWESOME.
You buy a bottle of any Pantene shampoo or conditioner, send in the receipt and they give you back twice what you paid for it.

End result: You end up with a FREE bottle of Pantene and you get a few bucks back! It works.
Expires 6/30/11

And don't forget, once you get this freebie, conserve water and shower with friends! Spread the love (and the freebie) around.


Get some Emergen-C for this winter.


I signed up, I hope I get it for my frenchie.

Free ATKINS Bars